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Cat® undercarriage parts work as a powerful system to guide your machine over all types of terrain, we know how to help you get the most from your investment.

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HYDRAULIc circuits

Modern equipment is brimming with the hydraulic components, products, services and expertise needed by equipment owners to ensure the optimal operation of the hydraulic systems.

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drive trains

The parts that make up transmission work together to transmit the torque to the wheels or tracks and thereby move the Cat® earthmoving equipment.

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engine parts

While Cat® knows that engine parts are subject to incredible stress and extreme temperatures, we are endured by engine parts, we are constantly our design and manufacturing processes.

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The best way to ensure your equipment will start is to install Cat® batteries that are manufactured to Caterpillar's high quality standards.

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Cat® fluids are formulated specifically for Cat® machines - they improve engine performance and ensure a longer life; they are manufactured and tested in extreme conditions and situations.

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Our advanced design features maximum filtration efficiency and protect the components of your engine. Contaminants are captured, thereby minimising the risk of breakdowns. Unplanned equipment downtime is therefore avoided increasing the profitability of your business.


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Cat® seals are specifically designed to handle the increasing pressures and temperatures of today's hydraulic cylinders.

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ground engaging toOLs

Cat® ground engaging tools are the only heavy duty tools engineered with your entire business in mind. They are designed specifically to be coupled with Cat® buckets and machines. 

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CAT® attachments ®

Find all the attachments you need for your Cat® machines, an extensive range that can be adapted to all your activities and meet your specific needs.

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